Elaborate search 

Search with autocomplete, spellchecking, suggestions, synonyms and many more.

Artificial Intelligence
A.I. driven Ranking

Based on popularity, organic and metric parameters. User actions are configured to affect the ranking of the answers.

Easy integration into your existing website

The entire application can be adapted to an existing CI/CD. Display dynamic FAQ lists in other areas of your site.

Reporting and analysis

Integration with standard analytics tools (Webtrends, Google Analytics and many others). Management of user feedback, FAQ performance reports for quality assurance.

Architecture and multilinguality

Flexible multidimensional categorization of content. 100% support for multiple languages.

open source
Open source based and hosting

No vendor lock-in, no license costs. Capable of accessing Drupal modules. Carefree hosted solution for convenient operation.

Feature focus

Your users will find the right answers with powerful search capabilities tightly integrated with the FAQ Tool.


Next generation search engines

  • We currently work with both ElasticSearch and ApacheSolr
  • Or anything else that makes sense for the customer (algolia, GSA, xapian, mongoDB, sphinx, etc.)
  • We enhance the search user experience with autocompletion, spellchecking/suggestions
  • Users can filter search results using facets and hierarchical categories
  • Hierarchical search and content browsing using categories
  • We use language-specific resources (synonyms, stopwords, etc) when available

Easily manage, categorize, translate and promote FAQ articles.

Content Managment

Content access and user management

  • Core Roles in a user group: Author, Publisher, Admin
  • Authors can create and edit document drafts
  • Publishers can review and publish or reject drafts
  • Admins can do as Authors and Publishers, as well as manage group membership and permissions
  • Extending Groups: Group Admins can add new members to a group and assign specific roles to them 
  • Extending this model: New roles and permissions can be implemented on demand

Publishing workflows (content moderation)

  • Core states: Draft, Needs Review, Published
  • Core actions: Create, Publish, Reject
  • Revisioning: Possibility to revert to a previous version of a document from its change history
  • Custom actions/states: Possibility to extend the core states/actions with new ones

Multidomain publishing

  • Content publishing to one or more domains
  • The domain is used to categorize content according to its presentation target platform

The FAQ Tool offers various ways for integrations and customizations into the existing eco-systems. One or multiple approaches can work simultaneously.


Integration methods

  • As a standalone application with customized header/footer/sidebar, colors, and logo
  • Through our REST API, this approach offers the greatest flexibility, but transfers the burden of rendering the data to the presenter
  • Through iframes, this approach offers also a customized look & feel, is context-aware, but less flexible on the presentation side

Integration areas

  • Standalone application
  • Websites / Intranet / Extranet
  • Mobile apps
  • 3rd party applications

We offer powerful reporting integration for end to end user journey. FAQ performance reports allows to keep your FAQ content relevant.

FAQ Usage Report

Frontend reporting works with

  • Google Analytics
  • WebTrends
  • etracker
  • Piwik (for 100% data ownership)
  • Or, any other (depending on customer webanalytics)

FAQ performance reports

  • User activities
  • FAQs Articles (views, ratings, versions, popularity, NPS)
  • Extended reporting on system status and log
  • Or, any other needed reporting logic

We built the FAQ Tool with only the best in their class. Strongly advocating open source components.


The underlying magic

Built with Drupal

  • Reliable, huge, dedicated community
  • Robust, flexible, scalable, secure CMS

Utilizes powerful search engines

  • Blazing-fast, open source enterprise search
  • platform (i.e. Apache Solr, Elasticsearch)

Responsive Design based on Bootstrap

  • The most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, 
  • mobile-first projects on the web

Dynamic, self-learning ranking

  • Popularity, organic based, metric for content
  • User action is configured to affect the FAQ popularity level

Performance and security

  • Power through Memcached
  • Built and configured in conformance with the OWASP specification

Robust infrastructure

  • Delivered system developed and integrated in a Development, Integration, Staging, Production way
  • GIT workflows for development and deployment
  • Automated testing


  • 50 FAQ Articles
  • 5 FAQ Article Categories
  • Unlimited Agents
  • A.I. Article Ranking
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Multilinguality
  • 100 FAQ Articles
  • 10 FAQ Article Categories
  • Advanced Search (Autocomplete, Spellcheck, Facets etc)
  • Custom Front-End Design
  • plus all Team features
  • Customised Software
  • Unlimited Articles, Categories and Languages
  • Integration into 3rd Party Systems
  • High Support Availability
  • High Traffic

Who is behind the FAQ Tool?

Our FAQ Application is developed by zehnplus. Pioneering digital IT solutions since 2008, our team is constantly growing with innovative members bringing purposeful disruption to enable our customers to grow, become more efficient and serve their customers more effectively.

Some of our competences:

  • Delivering digital business transformation project management and consultancy.
  • In-depth experience of digital technologies for e-care, self-care and knowledge management.
  • Successful integration into existing systems and environments of customers of all sizes.
  • Professional content management process integration for internal and customer facing environments.
  • Flexible and fast support that is dedicated to customer service, we go the extra mile.
  • We pride ourselves on providing our clients with no hidden costs and no vendor lock-in.